Mergers & Acquisitions 

We offer a range of advisory and business consulting services on cross border and local M&A transactions as well as financial and strategic consulting, target selection and market entry support. 

  • Acquisition (buy-side) advisory 
  • Disposal (sell-side) advisory 
  • Regional consolidation spreading over several countries (horizontal consolidation)  
  • Target company search and deal screening
  • Acquisition target identification 
  • Industry analysis & market entry strategy
  • Comprehensive pre-bidding due diligence
  • Preparation of acquisition or disposal documentation 
  • Business plan preparation and evaluation
  • Company valuation
  • Risk assessment & mitigation 
  • Board of directors strategic financial advice
  • Debt and equity financed acquisition advisory
  • Acquisition strategy and joint venture/acquisition structuring 
  • Preparation and submission of acquisition or privatisation bidding offers
  • Assistance in negotiations with owners/managers of M&A targets 
  • Liaison and negotiation with relevant Government authorities, agencies and other stakeholders 
  • Support during closing of privatisation and M&A transactions 

Asset disposal process in greater details may be seen here.

Acquisition process in greater details may be seen here.

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