Asset disposal

We advise and carry out asset disposal of various asset classes for our clients. Most frequently they are fixed assets, land and buildings, they no longer need or they want to sell and lease back. Asset disposal will usually be carried our in the manner shown below

Grooming for sale

  • Define and agree sales strategy
  • Industry specific analysis
  • Valuation of the business

Initial research and screening

  • Identify prospective acquirers and key decision makers
  • Prepare company profile
  • If the asset is real estate, prepare asset profile

Information memorandum and initial offers

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Produce key selling documentation
  • Initial discussions with each potential purchaser
  • Short-list parties to take to next stage

Further information and final offers

  • Arrange and attend off-site meetings with management and advisors
  • Manage information requests, provide data room
  • Receive, clarify, compare final offers and select preferred purchaser

Legal documentation & due diligence

  • Assist in negotiating the final terms of the transaction agreement including price and structure
  • Project manage due diligence process


  • Review legal documentation
  • Negotiation support